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ok... screw this...

I'm outti.

Soccer balls, peels of laughter, breathless little boys... and that little ripply noise that flags make when the wind owns their ass...
It's a wednesday. :D

I had such a major freak out (mfo) this morning (effort + intensity + various levels of boss breathing on the back of neck as their fingers tap-iddy-tap on the desk = MFO)
... that by the time my tummy got used to lunch taking up all that space ... I was right ready for a little nap.

Second wind has kicked in... just in time to drive home... which, you know, is infinatly better than sleeping while driving.
Filing-your-nails while driving... yeah, that's ok... but sleeping? no-can-do-muchacho.

Oh... and it's Wednesday... that means it's time for a little number 2 and 3 step buffing action on the "I'm insane about my nails" front.

alright... must go.
See ya.

ps. go back in ladyfire's journal till you find a Phone Post. Doesn't her voice sound great... all smiling and happy... it's a good voice... :D

pps. If you are a rich person masquerading as an average person... and want to play summer time santa... I'd like a HP/compaq 4155 please... oh gawd...

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