Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ fine... I realize that bonus is not a plural ... that has no bearing on how much I enjoy saying bone-i ("bone-aye").

~ the livejournal baby making factory is in full swing... team time bomb is on the grow...

~ a telemarketer called today and Z answered.  He promoted to her that there was a special offer on the table for us to receive a newspaper for $1 per week... Meanwhile we already subscribe to that paper and it costs $15 per month.  Sooooooooo... telemarketer dude was a bit curfluffled but I'm on the phone with circulation tomorrow and demanding the deal... "cancel my sub right away... I want to resubscribe for 1$ per week!!!"  (bone-i)

~ how do you configure an apache server on linux to serve up versus what I get now for a user which would be ? (hey, I said "random")
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