Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

ok... all done.

Version 2 of the office internal web thing is done and now I'm madly rewriting my resume to fit the word searches that a prospective client will be using... lovely.

::::::::::::[ end of day me :D ]::::::::::::::::

I hope all'ya'all had a great day... rain or shine...

Today was nice... calm... and productive.

I guess I should always be cautious of "calm" in case it's one of those "calm before ... " things...
But I doubt it.

oh, and keep a warm thought for a sweet friend (her_whispers).
Family stuff needs good karma.

Are you smiling... go on... smile...

his name was ricco... he wore a diamond...
... but don't spend the rest of the day singing about the Copa...

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