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Ok... today's done.
We met and looked at rocks...
We picked Tan and Black stones to make walkways and walls...
And then we kissed.

Sometimes a kiss is just a kiss.
Other times, it is a moment pick up and cannot put down, because that would mean letting go of something wonderful.

I'll see you later....

and one more thing

Facing life's endless trial and it's greatest pleasures,
we talk about being brothers and sisters.

Now think;

~ how it must feel to be a Muslim and to see the way your faith has been hijacked by extremists and now is essentially equated with terrorism.

~ how television news clips from Iraq that are followed by public opinion polls on US / Middle East policies impact on the quiet dreams of a retired military veteran.

~ serving your country for several years as a member of the military forces, surviving, returning home... and being injured by a drunk driver.

~ being a mother or a father of an active duty allied Forces service man or woman and .... waiting.

Now think again... of being brothers and sisters.
Your family needs you.
Be there.

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