Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, May 30... almost june... almost june...!!!!

Well yesterday was ... grand. :D

We made bunch of money off the garage sale stuff... but - of course - ended up marking things WAY down to get the sales... The big win is when the really great stuff goes to neighbours with kids a wee bit younger than ours...

The rest of the day was spent sorting things out for last night... cleaning up and stocking up (booze and food).
I made a nice dinner and we managed to get the kids to co-operate for a proper bed time (wohoo!!!!)

Our guests... hmm... I'm posting a picture later... arrive around 8:00 and stayed till the wee hours... polishing off (from my point of view) an obscene amount of wine but I was pumping food and coffee into them and kept track of who was driving and who was getting refills. :D  We never played any games (usually play cranium or sum'thin) but we all did talk like mad and had a wonderful time...

We have been ... the two guys and their wives... friends for over twenty years... and I worked with one of the wives for several years and the guys for a lot (a lot!!) of years... but I got fed up with being a fed... and left that behind about what? 5 years ago...?

It's hard, sometimes, to see what's become of their government careers and know what I traded mine for... (constant lay-off panic attacks, and the helplessness of private sector competition) but in the end I have to accept that I made the right choice for me... and I'll take what comes.

Still and all... I cherish the time I get to spend with these guys... the girls are sweet, smart and kind... and the boys... are so typically boys... we all get on well together... although we fight well too... which, I sometimes think, is the stuff of truly great relationships.

~ oh the usual pj pants thing...
~ I'm not moving too fast today...
~ shower and stuff...
~ off to the store to buy a gifty for Edward to take to a birthday party he's going to this 'saft...
~ extreme laziness... (if I can get away with it...)
~ I was asleep... but Geo had me up making pancakes at 8:30 ... lucky me...
~ that my very sweet and forever treasured friend nbbmom is doing well and laying in a good supply of Freezer Pops...
~ to send some understanding and always loving vibes out to another forever friend... the gardenbum... wolfiegirl

And the sun is shining like mad... the sky is blue and it's absolutely perfect outside... so I'm trading in clicking "back 35 posts" a few times to hurry myself out doors and breath.

See ya soon. :D

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