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Thursday, May 27

:::::::::::::::::::::::::[ and another one (strangling me!) ]::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Well yesterday was Edward day... so today is George day...

Geo started this seasons soccer last night... all the team shirts are vertical stripes this year... and Georges team is vert Black and White.. hahahaha... a whole team of little refs.
I didn't go to the game yesterday (post dentist me was not a happy schmappy me) but I'll be at the practice tonight.
Edward starts soccer on Sunday... and he's actually looking forward to it. :D :D

Does anybody watch Star Trek Enterprise? It was new last night... and I frigg'en missed it... so what I'm wondering... is it on Space or something on a different day... I mean... I missed it local... and I missed it on the west coast (sat dish) so I'm well and truly toasted ... grrrrrrrr!

~ blue ftls
~ black jeans
~ dk blue t shirt hiding under a two tone tommy sweater
~ um... well basically I'm just cloning the days...
~ more web stuff...
~ continue hunting for a song...
~ revisit that self-appraisal thing...
~ to send some good vibes out to joyfuldreamer... just because...
~ and smiles over to agateway for plenty of reasons.. :D
~ that sweet sleep and the clear heart that comes from it ... finds my friend serraph
~ that snwbrdette get's that house... !!!
~ and to tell joggingguy that I'm still working on it... I haven't forgotten... :D

Interesting thing going on in my head as I drove to work...
Radio was talking to me about this big study being done in Canada... regarding stats on integration.
The big number used to get our attention was about how only 3% of corp CEO's (or was it all execs?) in Canada are black.
And I start to wonder... what percentage of of these same movers and shakers and money men are jewish?
Not that there's anything wrong with that... I mean... I'm not looking for a big anti semitic back-lash here...
I'll stick to the Anti-Dentite zone thanks...
No but back to the issue... the thing is... stats tell us how few people of some class, distinction, race, creed, whatever, are in a certain position...
but the key feature is how FEW.
When you consider, for example, how MANY jewish canadians are in power positions across the economic stratosphere you might wonder why...
But the answer has more to do with centuries of process... of economics and business practices and social / cultural ideology and simple effort.
So yeah... only 3% of the CEO's are black... does that mean that we're doing something wrong?
What if some ridiculously high percentage are Jewish... does that mean we're doing something wrong?
The talking radio only briefly mentioned stats about the numbers relating to women... and then only to show the low number of black women...
integrated into business class institutions... but whenever I think about that issue... I zoom back to College and being grilled as a "student union president" by the college Affirmative Action Committee about how few female candidates there were running in the elections... After telling them how much better things would be for them if they actually vacuumed their own houses for a change and storming out I was left with a rather bitter sense of the AA concept. Again... not that there's anything wrong with it...
The thing is... we get numbers shoved up our noses by various interest groups like we were so many crack heads in training... "Hey kid... k'mere... the first hit's free..." and we just sit back and take it. Lemmi tell ya... my college Statistics Professor hit the nail on the head when he taught us that Statistics are essentially voodoo science. A numbers game easily manipulated to fit the issues of the moment.
Don't let this translate into any belief that I have a negative attitude on the integration of blacks into business, or jewish control of banking or women in society... it's not about that... it's about how we are being manipulated by the people that count things and convince us that their numbers mean we suck.
We don't suck....
We rock...
That's final.
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