Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

tooth things...

being wary wary quiet...

spent an hour and  a half in the fetish chair while dr. death rattled around in my head.

The high-lites...
... and um...

So the issue is this thing called "resorption" (sp?).
The molar - target of the dreaded root canal - had a decay resulting, most likely, from braces I had as a kid.
The decay manifested in a softened spot on the side of the tooth right where it enters the jaw bone.
The soft spot shattered when they did the first root canal.

So he was re "roto rooting" (lol) the tooth to make sure the "stuffing" was well in place and then he had to sink a band around the tooth ... through the gums... to the bone... to form a "casing" around the tooth... to "keep the filling in" while he and his assistant torture dom filled and cured the filling.  The band then came off and he did some "shaping" to get my bite to close properly. The jury is still out on the bite thing. I have this problem called "TMJ" which is ... like my jaw clicking sometimes... and a "bite problem".

At one point, he was trying to explain the procedure and brought out the little wand camera to shove in my mouth and display the action on a tv up on the ceiling... I caught a slight glimpse of this full screen view of a tooth... and perfectly round, and very bloody, hole going through it... and I said "STOP... I don't want to see any more"... actually, I said "smmop ah donwanna see" but he understood... oh it was evil looking.

Loads and loads of freezing... and it's mostly worn off now... (I came home and passed out for a spell).

Now... I'm just waiting for the headache.
Oh... and the dental dam thing they clamped onto my mouth... clipped the inside of my lip... so I've got a sore, fat lip to boot. :D

I am such a prize.
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