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dum di dum... birthdays...

Birthday Katchup

OK... so I've been a bit of a dog about keep'en up with the May Birthday Madness...
Let me set that right...

Back on May 18 I missed sassylass's birthday... Happy Birthday Lil'Mac... I know you live in a complicated little world but you're an amazing young woman and you've never been afraid of the work behind "achievement"... I hope you have a year ahead marked by new achievement in your personal spaces and that much happiness is in store for you. :D

And on May 20...
another little pup on the friends pages... miss wallacebear had a birthday... but you were busy learning to sail... so it's gotta be all good. :D Happy Birthday sugar... May you find all kinds of great reasons to ignore your journal and live the wishes you make for yourself.

Oh... getting closer... May 21;
That would be starliteangel1's birthday. Happy Birthday sugar and while you swim around in a pool that seems to be filled with waiting... I hope you learn a few new strokes... and smile.

Going "worldly" for May 22;
South Africa... although I suspect she wont see this... but happy belated birthday to frizzed. I can only hope that the world is giving you some peace and that you are finding a wee bit of the happiness we all deserve. May you have a year ahead that brings you all kinds of reasons to smile.

Turkey!!! Happy Birthday, albeit a tad bit late out to reeris.... You are a remarkable artistic talent sugar... so my birthday wishes for you are all about hoping you find new ways to express yourself and that you can travel the world looking for inspiration.

Hmm... from Sunday, May 23...
Happy Birthday to a girl with a sixty million watt smile ...Sweet riot_grrl I do very much hope you had a good birthday ... and that you have a fabulous year ahead. Let the hard stuff fall to one side... and turn yourself to the other. We all deserve to smile sugar... and when you do... everybody is better off. :D Have a wonderful year.

Sweet Twi... Happy Birthday twilightsm.. I know you had a nice birthday ... so let me wish for you have a wonderful year and that you find yourself understanding the things that confuse you. Have a grand year sugar... and make plenty of happy memories... take pictures... write stories... and smile.

Loopy!!! I missed Loopy day!! Monday, May 24!
Happy Birthday jloopy... May yours be a year of extended loopy'ness... :D :D No really, have a wonderful year sugar and know that your smile and great attitude are a light to others.

Yeah... well today was a busy day ... sheesh!!!

giabean Happy Birthday sweets... HFBTM hahaha... NO! Happy Birthday and I mean it!!! I hope find some smiles today and that the year ahead brings you some well earned happiness.

movingforward Happy Birthday lil'distant goober... Shery... I do so very much hope that the year ahead is one that answers your big questions... and brings you all the reasons to smile you can handle. :D

ninneviane... Thank you for bringing me into the world you share. Happy Birthday Sugar-nin. I hope you have every chance to have "recovery time required" fun you can handle sugar... Great health and great happiness... may they be yours in abundance.

lindalee_... Happy Birthday Sugar... keep having fun... and don't take any crap from anyone!!! :D I hope you have a great year ahead and that you enjoy this day.

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