Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, May 24

that would be my big Monday As A Holiday grin... :D

~ oh, pj pants and a 10 year old sweat shirt...
~ and that grin...
~ to smash down a wall... rip it to shreds... bag up the soaked insulation and throw it away... and take pictures while I do it. :D
~ other than that... extreme laziness...
~ that my friend giabean manages to get better ... ug on the sore throat... I've been getting little hints that I'm having a throat thing... but I keep seeming to stave it off...
~ good luck on the results today tonya
~ that ladyfire wont listen to dorky songs on the radio... you're in no mood for that stuff... you'll hurt your cheeks smiling...
~ to send my sincere understanding of how tough it must be to wake up so damn early to amyaustin
~ in the car? You're keys? Oh man... lillyblossom I hope you managed to get 'em out without scratching up the paint...
~ that my friend Marie (razzberee) has a fantastic time camping...
~ and big congrats to katie8471 on the grad
~ and for reens...  a healthy reens would be a happy reens...

Well it finally rained... and the associated drop in temperature came in my bedroom window all night... it was heavenly.  I had weird dreams about as though it were a real thing... like a "real time people and stuff" place but only you sort of "entered" the zone and became capable of the things you do in like magic making your buggy appear... and being able to jump off cliffs and ... just bounce a few times... etc... it was rather strange... in the dream I couldn't get my magic to work and was getting tech support on why my wand (harry potter influence) wasn't working... it was just weird... sorry... I'm not good at remembering dreams. :D 

Any ways... today is beckoning me forward... I need to shower and get sorted out to rip down that wall...

Where ever you are... what ever you're doing... I hope you are safe, happy and feel'en loved.
That's kinda corny I know... but I mean... it's a nice thing to hope for your friends. :D
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