Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

busy day...


is what happens when you forget to close the inside "shut off" valve to an outdoor tap...
That bulge is where ice expanded...

It now looks like;

... and the outside tap

... with the new "river stone" drain zone below... (landscape fabric, sand and rocks).
(and that remarkably ugly lawn area is all seeded and roped off... if we're lucky... grass in a couple of weeks.)

And my house smells like Garlic Ribs... :D
My favourite meal to serve company... bb-q ribs and various fixens...
We're feeding my MIL tonight.

And, now that I'm actually getting ready to stand outside for a time (bbq)... it's starting to rain.
But it has been a beautiful sunny day.
Freaking weather people could not have been more wrong. !
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