September 7th, 2012


Friday, September 7

Life is full of win. ☺

It’s Friday… that means I’m pre-occupied with the weather and wondering if there will be dry concrete at the skatepark in the morning. Alas, (earwax) it does not look good in these parts for the weekend weather. Those pics above were from last weekend. :D

Things are kinda non-stop in the land of me. I’m still all about going to the gym at lunch and trying to stay motivated to do the intense-interval cardio thing at night. Suzy and I finished the two-month “Insanity” program two weeks ago and I’m tell’en ya, I have never ever ever done anything that made me work that hard… laying on the floor in the tv room for 10 minutes wondering if I’ll ever be able to stand up again… We’re about to start it again, having tried a few other programs and just not liking them as much. :D

Work is … great. No really. I started my company in January, spent some time getting things organized and became my own full time employee on March first (suzy is a part time employee doing the “books” and her-best-to-keep-me-organized. :D). Things have been going at top speed ever since. I’m still billing full time hours with a federal agency in Canada… and I just finished a contract in sunny West Virginia. I was doing a “tactical risk assessment” for the state gov “department of environmental protection” and it was an oversized package of awesome. As usual, I learned so much by doing that contract I almost feel like I should have been paying them… but, fortunately, they were paying me.

Both of my boys are in High School now. Geo is in his last year and Ed is in his first. I am in awe. I work hard at not spending an inordinate amount of time telling them how well I can remember holding them as wee babies. :D lol. They are definitely not wee babies any more.

As I watch the US head into their next election, I remain amazed that the actual problems facing Americans seem to be so much “back ground” noise, while the talking heads blather on about things with a vigor that I utterly and completely fail to comprehend. I would love to be all judgmental about the big R versus D thing but I don’t really care. What I care about is how long it will take before women across America mobilize, march into DC and freak’en lynch every last one of the bastards that are working so hard to take control of woman’s lives and bodies when they should be trying to build better health care, invest in job creation, and PILE money into education. I remember something about a “Million Man March” (but I truly couldn’t tell you anything about it besides the name)… and I’m hoping that someday soon there will be a Ten Million Woman March that overruns Washington and scares the absolute shit out of the powers that are so misguided.

Ps. Hi :D I will always and forever love Lj and everything it stands for. Everything else is an “also ran”. Just say’en. :D