Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


So you have this growing city on your hands and you need a new airport...
The little one you have now is just not cutting it.
So you head out of town... and drive ... for... ever...
Phew... now you're way out there.
Ok, razz everything in sight and build a kick'en big airport.

Forty years go by.

That drive... the "for... ever..." drive?
Seems that was just too much for folks.
So they built things... closer to the airport.
Hotels? yeah... so what... been there, done that...
have the memories burned into my head of opening my hotel room curtain to see a A111 Airbus coming straight at me...
A beautiful example of French engineering about to be atomized ... along with the mini bar.
Amazingly enough, I get to say "the Airbus flies over the hotel, with ... ah, heck, at least 100 feet to spare" and mean it as a good thing.

But that's a hotel.

The blankets of Sim City like (click, plunk... residential) communities that extend away from the "stay on your side" fences marking the limits of Airport property... abound.

Why in gods name these people sat with stressed out bankers, negotiating mortgages, to get the chance to live here is beyond sane thought. However... like sniveling contestants on a show like Survivor... they had to work hard to get there... and they did it... moved into the Airports back yard, of their own free will.

So tell me why, again, anybody should give a shit if they think the airplanes are too loud?  They want what? Compensation?? The Airport to move?

yeah... right.

Welcome to Pearson International Airport... Toronto.

... which, remarkably, leads us directly to the question of Palestinian settlements around Israel.

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