November 1st, 2011


Monday, November 1

Well Halloween was very nice... AND SIMPLE. :D
Modest decorations ... fun painting little pumpkins and only ONE carved pumpkin.
The "all sixty neighbourhood kids arrive at once" thing was grand (hay wagon pulls up, a mad dash, and then things go quiet for the rest of the night. :D)

Ed was going to be this awesome green-plastic-soldier deal... (suz put it together and it's outstanding)... alas (earwax)... the little monkey was (is) sick-like-dog.
Geo went out with his friends (16... getting close to the last stab at the free candy zone)... and he came home to give Ed his loot bag. :D :D :D)

I was pretty impressed to read about the UNESCO decision to accept Palestine into their UN club.
Well... actually I don't care about Palestine and their choices.
The real fun is seeing the US and Israel twist and shout 'cuz somebody dares to not bow to their bully-vibe.
suck it.

Actual news item on the local news ... was a warning to retailers to be on the lookout and report strange purchasing behaviours in this "harvest season". (Hence a recent tongue-in-cheek post in FB about "ask your dad to buy 20 boxes of little baggies for a school project"... no doubt the cashier at Wallmart is expected to note things like that... lol). :D
Apparently there are quite a few "grow houses" in Ottawa.
It really is too darn bad that Harry J. Anslinger screwed things up for everybody...

Hearing from ninneviane , hotblue and nosneros_h. really filled me with memories.

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