October 17th, 2011


Monday, October 17

Seven different kinds of Happy :)
For the last six weeks I've been anticipating a costume party with our friends.
Costume shopping... is a great deal of fun.

We ended up in a kind of red/black vampire thing... suzy's costume is cute-as-all-get-out... mine was pretty much just a shirt that made me look fat and big cape... BUT the wig. :D :D Wigs are fun. Period. There were lots of wigs at the party. :)
My facebook page has a whole album of pics from the party. :D :D
Great costumes... really great friends.
The thing is ... I underestimated my friends. They were planning an anniversary party for suz and I all along. :)

They'd snagged a copy of a wedding picture... even working Geo to look for the wedding pics. :D
And the bunch of them made this big plan.
The costume part was a cover... and good cover.
The costumes were great! :D :D :D

Elvis officiated at a renewal of vows ceremony,
We had to sign a lovely new marriage contract that has truly unmentionable content. (LOL... Jessy killing herself laughing in the kitchen while Elvis reads the vows...)
Then came the cake. :D

So beyond all the fun of a costume party...
And the pleasure of finding out it was an anniversary party...
I have been moved to a truly unique level of happiness,
to know that Suzanne and I have such remarkable and thoughtful friends.

It all makes me feel that...
There is no kindness you give away
That does not find it's way back to you.