August 24th, 2011


Wednesday, August 24

~ Purrrrcy... likes to curl up in the hose.

sick day.

Got up, made lunch, ate breakee, showered and got sorted for work.
Drove away...
Before I got to the Queensway on-ramp I caved.
I turned around, drove home, emailed and voice-mailed my clients,
Then climbed back in bed.

Hurts to swallow... :(

Crashed without blinking till 1...
Managed to make chicken noodle soup at some point.

~ a sick day that I didn't fill up trying to work from home... actually being sick in bed.

Dear Schniders, Kraft, Canadian Tire, etc. etc. etc....
Just because you've been trading your stuff for our money for a long long time...
It doesn't follow that you have some kind of claim to the concept of home, tradition, family, or community.
Your salami is not responsible for my personal happiness.
Just say'en...

Just get on your knees.
Put your hands deep into your front pockets.
... thank you.