June 30th, 2011


Thursday, June 30

Alrighty... today was a good day. :D
Ed's last day of grade 7, and the last day of the work week for me.
(Tomorrow is Canada Day... aka big national party day aka total zombie do nothing and relax - maybe BBQ day. :D Oh, and it ends with fireworks.)
Yeah long weekend.

Drove to downtown clients this morning, passing all kinds of "getting downtown ready for Canada Day and the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge (William and his hot wife Kate. Our future queen... and yes that's indelicate... but DUDE... finally a royal I can find attractive. The Queens a good ol'gal, but her daughters ... eh. Then there's Fergi... bleh, and omg camilla... but then along comes Kate. ta da!! :D) Yeah... they're in town and everybody is in a tizzy.

But that's fine. No problem for me... the commute was easy peasy with a lot of downtown folks bailing on their day (the mid to late afternoon would prove to be horrific for traffic with closures, and vast royal-watcher crowds... I hit the gym at noon and split. Dealt with two clients before lunch... and spent the afternoon with a third.

And then it was the skate park.
holy smack.
just ... I mean, I'm having a rip roaring great time with the skating.
I'm getting all kinds of "new" experiences as I get more confident with the drops and walls...

But now... after dinner... after our walk (we walk almost every night after dinner. :D)... I'm just DONE!! I've closed company email and I'm going to enjoy every split second of the next three days. :D :D :D

You own yesterday,
But tomorrow owns you.

Yeah... four new Starbucks "surveys" today and yesterday. lol.
I have a cache of them with the "free stuff" code in my car visor.
It's like a little stack of free awesome.

Life is great
But I'm nobody's fool,
Chaos least of all.
I'll squeeze this peach
Seize this day,
And enjoy every drop.