May 4th, 2011


Wednesday, May 4 (May the fourth be with you)

So about two days before I left for Chicago... (getting ready for 18 peeps for dinner) I started feeling ... awful.
By Monday I was "run over by a truck" guy.
In and out of the clinic with a 'script for antibiotics, in case it was strep and a fist full of Tylonal day time extra strength cold caps... in case it's just a bitch ass cold.

Either way... the net affect of being mr. 100% every freaking second of the business day with these new clients, and popp'en meds and fight'en the "awful", is that I am just flipp'en DOA by 9 at night. And, of course, I have a few hours of work to do each night, so when I get food sorted, and find an outlet mall to gather material goods... (LOL) I end up like that picture...

OK... enough of my tired woah... I can sleep when I'm dead and I've got lots to do before that. :D

I rented a Corolla for this trip... brand spanking new... like 30 miles on the ODO when I left O'hare
Vast blind spots on the left and right - result of a low ride vibe that is likely supposed to make the "cabin" feel bigger.
AND... and I'm not fool'en,
When you're cruize'en traffic at say 40 mph, and things slow a bit... you lift your foot off the gas... but it's just a little slow-down so you don't brake... just don't "Gas".
This results in the car SPEEDING UP. Not a lot, mind you, but freak'en eh man... it jumps up to 43, 44 in stead of trailing down to 38, 36.
In traffic this is a very disconcerting thing!
So no... we will not be buying a Toyota anything, TYVM.

It is always a hilarious slap to be reminded that it's really a real food...
Every time I pick up a menu and read "fish taco".
Seriously... yes, I went there. And I stand by it... freaking hilarious.

It's a highlight of any trip for work, to be driving to where ever and read highway on-ramp signs with such improbably things as "Turn Right to Indianna" and "Left to Wisconsin"
And every time I see a sign that says "The Tri-State Area"... I get all white-lab-coat-dufensmirtz P&F nostalgic. :D

... k, time to go.
Home tomorrow night. :D :D