April 24th, 2011


Sunday, April 24

Been having some good "down time" this weekend.
Cleaning up the garage, working on the ramp, cooking up a storm... :)

Suz and I did some shopping on Saturday (crazy busy time... bad idea).
And we had a huge feed at my sort-a-sis-in-law's house.
That was combined with my niece's birthday... little girl turned 21.
Sigh... getting so grown-up. :)

Baked cookies twice so far this weekend... and banana bread.
Oh, and we watched Dr. Who and had a ripe ol'time with it.
(loves that show).

Suz and I are back at the daily walks... it's a nice way to settle dinner and... connect. :)

~ out contribution to the big-feed tonight...
Made a huge fatush salad. :)

I worry that a surge in NDP polling numbers,
Assuming that it's not just a repeat of history where the polls surge but the votes never come in...
No, I worry that they NDP are not only taking away Block votes,
But they will also capture Liberal votes,
AND (and!!) inspire otherwise apathetic Conservative voters who react poorly to anything that makes a reference to the NDP
I fear for the result that shows Steve-o-Idiot
Hitting the big time with a majority...
Is a bad day. ..
But that's just me.

I took tomorrow off work (making up for working on "family day").
For this... I am truly grateful.

My very sweet friend (Jessy),
has had a very busy weekend,
and it appears that everything went "just right".
~ something that makes me happy. :)

K... time to go.
peace. D