April 7th, 2011


Wednesday, April 6

Well today was interesting... :)
I started it with a smile... then got myself to the hospital for my appointment with "medi-gas".
Today was CPAP day.
Dude explained a whole lot of things I really didn't know before...
i.e. Breathing obstructions (apnea) results in "choking events". When you stop breathing, your adreniline pumps, your muscles tighten - which opens your airway and phew... you breath.
The problem: When all your muscles tensed up... you squeezed out lactic acid. Doing this dozens of times per hour, overnight, results in night sweats, stiff (acid packed) muscles, and
SUPRISE... prone to muscle injuries. Sound like anyone I know? hmmmm?

Anyways... tonight is first night with this....

Cool rules in Ontario... all CPAP machines cost exactly the same... regardless of brand, or model...
So - of course - you buy the high end machine... because it costs the same as their low end machine. :D
Updates to follow.

Work work work...
no lunch time gym... :(
and then I was late for my physio appointment. :(
They wouldn't take me (I understand).
So I go back on Friday.

Went to the gym with Geo after work and had a great workout. :)
... and had pizza for dinner. :D


K... see ya soon. :D