February 28th, 2011


Monday, February 28

~ that was a mid morning picture from the office. sigh.

So here's how today went...
~ wake up... snow day... freezing rain...
~ get downtown and park in front of the "monday morning meeting" location...
~ try ... and try ... and try... to get the automagical parking meter to work.
~ no chance... ice in the card slot... So I go upstairs.
~ come out a half hour later... 40$ ticket.
~ take ticket, and pic of meter serial and zoom up the street to city hall.
~ ten minutes after pulling the ticket from my windshield, I'm in the provincial court office... with a great big WTF.
~ ends up that I have to wait for a "meter complaint" to process... expecting to have the ticket zapped!!
~ then ... down to my client office for the rest of the day.

except the part where I went to the gym.
lol... I have to admit, this engagement provides a really good fit for going to the gym.
Boss is supportive, gym is "walk through the mall connected to this office tower" close...
So, you know... no excuse. :)
I'm digging that I have to push harder... do more... to get to that "ass kicked" place.

I have a sense of how well connected I get to someone.
If I feel like I would "hold on to something" (HOTS), no question...
then I have the HOTS for you.
Let me explain...

So here's a question:
If you were in the passenger seat with your partner driving,
And your partner said (not yelled, or whispered... but clearly said...)
"hold on to something"
Would you:
a) hold on to something
b) say "why?"
Now think about the implications.
Oh... and what about your partner?
If you said... "Hold on to something"
... hmmm?
Of course that's easy to check...
but you may not like the answer.

A peaceful heart
Is a better place

K... gotta git. :)