Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, May 20

That would be the "hurry up and snap a picture" smile... :D
Then zoooom... out of the house.

That tooth is still pretty sensitive...
like it's "loose" and evertime I bite down it pushes up ...
back into place and smarts a bunch on the way in.
There will be a day in my future when this tooth thing will not be a problem... and I looooong for that day.

TMI'ish... but whatever... remember when I was talking about my [ :: thumbs ::]... my freaking thumbs are purrrrfect. Fist time in decades... and dude... I'm talking hard core perfect. (all proud of self)

~ red stripee ftls
~ blue / gray dress pants... (actually "altered" by Joey's taylor... dig?"
~ dk blue p-z short sleeve shirt with a 33 on it... not sure what joke to crack about the 33...
~ same shit... different day...
~ web stuff for the internal website
~ finish my "appraisal" document... excellent! :D
~ the my very distant pagan pal allyn manages to enjoy the rain... is there a monsoon season there?
~ that I read kitiara say Ottawa instead of Toronto
~ to just dance around a bit ... and then smile at giabean.
~ to shake my head at chrissmari.... Andy's gonna have to be LIVE on SNL before I believe it...
~ some nice wishes for my sweet friend alma_perdida... just 'cause...

I'm one of those "natural keyboard" freaks... severe tendonitis in my thumbs resulted in my doc telling me to try the natural keyboard years ago and I've never looked back... at home... at work... I love it. Thing is... I'm headphone boy at work... and these keyboards have a big ol' "rest-yer-palm-here" zone... makes a perfect tap-your-thumb-here zone... gah... it must drive my cube mates mad to hear me taping away... when ever I realize I'm doing it... I stop. :D

Ok... I know... I'm horribly boring. :D
have a great day muchachos y muchachas...

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