December 22nd, 2010


Tuesday, December 21

geez... today was busy.
Meeting downtown with the new clients at 8:Freak'ing:AM.
Then zoom to my other downtown clients at 10 for the first of two meetings... one today and another tomorrow afternoon. :*(
At the end of the meeting, I suggested... "you know we have time... why don't we hold tomorrows meeting... right now?"
They were game! :) That put the wrap on that project except for overseeing a couple of days of implementation in January. :D :D
From there, I got a great work out in... I'm stressed about finding all the bench work extra hard. But I'll keep at it.
Even got some some santa-hat time* in getting the 23 lb turkey for christmas dinner.

Tonight was taking Grasshopper to Karate, and eating Cost-co lasagna for dinner. :D
Oh, and I made white chocolate chip cookies for grasshopper. :)

And generally busy getting the big-clean going... getting ready for chistmas day big dinner bonanza.

* I have a nice santa hat that I keep in the car and wear whenever I'm buying anything for Christmas. :D

I totally feel as though last summer's G20/G8 summit thing...
Will go down in history as the lowest point in the contemporary story of Canada.

So... getting those clients to have tomorrow's meeting today...
Well that means... I'm DONE!!
I'm on christmas holidays till jan 4.

Oh god... you have no freaking idea.
I mean, if you could feel what I feel...
You would explode.
... just BOOM.

K... see ya.

Wednesday, December 22

I absolutely did not crack lids until 9:30 in the morning.
(this is quite something for me... )
~ excellent way to start a holiday.

My day was all about a running errands,
cleaning, and trying to be as supportive as humanly possible. :)

About to bake another batch of Kifli...
Some to give away, the rest for christmas.
Although, I suspect they'll all get eaten...
So I'll be making another batch of dough tomorrow night. :D

I never seem to run out of amazement
At the capacity of random drivers
To be heartless douche bags on the road.

You can't find someone to share yourself with,
Until you've well and truly found yourself.

I wish I saw this early enough to ask Santa for it.
Wicked cool... power-less acoustic amp for your iPhone.
[ :: check me out :: ]

:) K... see ya.