December 19th, 2010


Sunday, December 19

Nice weekend around here...
But the whole global weather thing... people need to realize that sometimes it's just a good idea to stay home.

We watched Inception last night. :)
Was a nice family movie night. Freak'en cool movie.

Groceries, christmas shopping and oh... sleep test on Friday night.

The nose mask was a fail,
but the nose and mouth mask worked well.
I'm going to try the home system for a month to see if this is going to help or not.
First issue... with the pressure of the air, every time I swallow, I get a gut full of air.
The burps... sure... but the sizzling noise of air moving through my guts was amazatron!!!
(TMI: and don't even try to imagine the freak'en farts. wow)
I checked in at 10... asleep by 10:45 and they kick you out at 5:30 in the morning.

Took Ed to bow this morning... he had a "bow test" today and he got his stripe.
Grasshopper is proud. :)

So we're having sixteen (16) for dinner on Christmas Day. :)

Sometimes, friendship is more about appreciating effort,
than about rewarding results.

I feel really good. :)