November 26th, 2010


Friday, November 26

K... life is weird man.
I’m in the pre-trip nerve zone,
Trying to get sorted on everything for the trip.

Hoping that everything works out so we end up out tomorrow night,
Out with la gang to celebrate Jess and Char’s birthdays...

We have snow on the ground that will likely stay.
At least for a little while.
We might just get lots of snow.

Meanwhile, I’ll be in San Jose, California, trying to decide if i should wear shorts to the skatepark at night.
I arrive in San Fran at 7 on sunday night... then drive down to San Jose.
Then, after one crazy four day work extraveganza, I go home (on Thursday).
I hope I find time to look around. :)

Had a situation at home...
A decision Geo made,
Led to suz and I doing a quiet little high-five
I’m vague, ‘cuz this is public,
But yet another moment in a long line
The reminds us why we can trust our boy.

You cannot imagine how liberating,
How painlessly simple it is,
To just decide to care about someone,
And to let nothing ever change that...
To feel, in your heart of hearts, that nothing
Not-one-thing can change that feeling.
You just... get to... relax into it.

You should try it.
It’s a good thing. :)

K... time to go.