November 18th, 2010


Thursday, November 18

So I managed to get it together and make my way downtown for an early start with the client.
This worked well... although I had to admit mid morning that if I don't feel good enough to bring my gym bag to work, I really ought to just stay in bed.

I left a bit early... forcing myself to combine "pushing myself" with "not overdoing it".
I have high hopes that this strategy is going to work outBu.
Right now... it's the cough. It's ouchi.

I've been "not noticing" the weather a lot lately.
I know it didn't rain today and it was cold... but other than that... I got nuthin.
Oh wait... It's almost a full moon so it's a clear night. :)
er...but that only means it's going to be cold tomorrow morning. :(

Well... never-the-less, I have very high hopes for tomorrow.

Trying it again. I found it off-putting last time I tried.
But I was swimming in the early-twitter-gluttony of over-tweeting-peeps.
This time... I'm hoping it's different.
I keep wanting to say 'is it normal in tweetland to ... such-and-such"
But then I keep answering myself with "it doesn't matter"...
Then I channel Sue Johanson and mutter "if it feels good... do it" with a feeble german accent.

I'm using "Lists"... well, that's not true.
I've made two "twitter lists" and put meat-space-friends on one list and famous peeps on the other.
The full deal is quite a lot of people... loads from LJ except they're using their real names on Twitter and I mostly only remember people by their Lj handles. :D :D
It's kind of stalker'ish but I think kinda neat... to look at some famous celeb twitter account... find some friend on their list that looks like a joe-average and just happens to be friends with "famous person", then look at their tweets or dive even further afield by checking their list... sort of a LJ "Friends of Friends or Friends" thing... but starting with a celeb. :)
(YES I KNOW, I am a master time waster. :D :D :D)

Mail-order clock makers must be some kind of seriously ticked off with the current state of things with global security.

If you could see
How I see you
You would see you
Brand new