November 7th, 2010


Sunday, November 7

~ no, it is not the world-wildlife-fund logo.

Well the weekends just kinda zoom on by...
It was a good one though. :)
Friday was a really busy day with work an'stuff.
Spent the day in a tie... so, yeah, downtown clients on a friday.
I'm seeing lots of jeans and not a lot of ties on friday...
Although I was told very specifically that they do not observe any kind of "Friday Attire" dealio.
hummm.... oh well. That gig is going to wrap soon anyways.

We did lots of house cleaning...
Nothing quite like planning to have company over to motivate a full on "lets clean the house" vibe. :D :D
I made the ribs on Friday night... into the fridge till the Saturday BBQ. :D

Quick groceries on Saturday
and an afternoon that included making fatush dressing and a big honking fatush salad.
We had a lovely little four month old girl come over and visit on Saturday night.
She brought her parents... Lee and Keri.
This made for a really nice night. Good food and new company.
Didn't really "do" anything...just talked, had fun and got to play with a wee bundle of adorable.

Big garage cleaning day...
Getting ready for winter and getting the job-jar down ... 'cuz there's always new jobs!

Man I so dig clock-back-day. :)
All the auto-magical stuff, TV, cell phones, computers, PVR...
They all set back right at 2... but by two AM on Saturday night (sunday morning) we're either asleep or snacking before we sleep....
Last night we stayed up till the second 2 AM...
Then I get up at 9:30... alarm clock that is not auto-magical.
So it's only 8:30... and I have hours and hours to myself before anybody wakes up.
(Well, Geo was at a friends over night so I am here with the two super-sleep'er-inners.)
I don't set the manual clocks... coffee maker, wall clocks, stove, microwave, blah blah blah...
I don't set those back until way after noon. :) Just to recapture an hour all over again.
Oh, and I still haven't set the coffee maker back. Its the last gasp.
(and I'll end up being all pleased to get an hour back later when the coffee maker has been my only time reference all evening... :D)
(Yes... I'm easlily amused. :D)

October makes you fat.

K...time to jet. :)
See ya soon.