November 1st, 2010


Monday, November 1

~ hiya.
it's been a long last-few-days.

Halloween was it's typical great fun.
our neighborhood puts on a hayride thing for the kiddies... 'cuz the houses are just so far apart.
The result is that, while you get a few indi's... you basically get this one giant rush of little trick-or-treaters who just piled off the haywagon at the end of your laneway.
It's really kinda cute. :)

Big US Study concludes that Alcohol (and it's impact on abusers) is worse for society overall than drugs.
While the study talks about the hard stuff...
The inescapable conclusion, is - ONCE AGAIN - that we would be wwwway better off if citizens were smoke'en some pot, as opposed to drinking.

Great way to cook wings... 'because you love 'em in the pub, but never have 'em at home.
So you buy a big ass flat of raw, cut, chicken wings at the grocer.
Rebag 'em into ziplocks with maybe 15 to 20 in each bag. (16$ gets me three ziplocks worth of wings!)
Freeze 'em
Now... you get home from work, grab a bag, and microwave thaw for enough minutes to unfreeze.
Toss 'em on any pan into the over at 400 for a half hour.
Put some 'taters in there too... 'cuz yer going to want starch... right?
Make a salad... whatever.
Now, yank 'em back out of the oven and pour them into a medium size fry pan.
Pour on some bbq sauce (enough to make a layer of bbq sauce in the pan that will bubble and boil... dig?)
Put a lid on it and simmer at medium for fifteen minutes, stirring occasionally.
Take off the lid and turn up the heat and sizzle those little guys till you set the table and get a glass of water. :D
Seriously... just well cooked, sticky and yummi. :D

This years pumpkins...

~ for Brycen and Ethan. :D

K... see you later.