October 12th, 2010


Monday, October 12

ola. :)
Today was downtown client land...
Yesterday... was frigg'en awesome day off relaxing with some yard work.
The weather has been great... The days that remind me exactly why I love fall!!!

I got to Legacy park on Saturday morning, before groceries...
I haven't been there since going to the big US parks.
The walls that made my skin crawl... looked very do-able.
There was this very significant moment of total bliss...
Dropping in like it was nothing... and crusing back ... and forth...
gah! it was crazy awesome...

We ate enough food for a month this weekend.
Spent Saturday night with suz's family,
And Sunday night with my family...
I tell ya... it's mighty disconcerting when all your nieces and nephews are suddenly in their twenties.

Dude from the flag ship of the galactic overlords...
On my phone and in my inbasket today...
His question?
"Do you have a picture of yourself..."
Needed one for some marketing material...
and needed a "business-y" picture.

~ and for my distant dorothy, my little little-c ... carorules...
[ :: a friday pic on a tuesday :: ]

Speaking of phones... cool'est thing!!!
Our office phones... are on this cisco switch (VOIP phones)
And see... we install the "soft phone" on your laptop.
K... now you can click that "call" button in outlook to cause your actual phone to go off hook and call whoever.
Sure... lovely.
Wait... you can even make and carry the call - or receive the call - on your laptop (use a headset... blah blah blah)
Now... unplug your laptop and go to florida.
Get on the net... and as far as i can tell...
My office desk phone back in Ottawa, is still functioning on my laptop.
Frigg'en awesome.
~ note: a

Right now... 10:23 PM... the tether is lowering the first rescue worker down into the mine in Chile.
The rescue begins.

It's hard to explain
About all the love I am blessed to feel.
Without writing forever.