September 28th, 2010


Tuesday, September 28

Ok, now we're back to balmy.
but enough about the weather. :D

Work wants me to get used to using certain "chat" tools because it's a good way for our teams to communicate.
I - however - am an official "light weight" at chat programs.
I grok text messaging... and I pretty much use only use it to talk to family and a couple of friends.
It's easy... you press the txt message button on the iphone and type a name and a text. presto.
But these tools you download... they connect up to everything.
I've got "Palringo"
It connects gtalk, msn, facebook, blah blah blah...
So I start it up... and all of a sudden I'm on-line with a half dozen chat services.
I need to not be such a chat noob. :D

~ nice pants, golf shirt, argyle... and red shoes. :)
~ a day in my office... no client land today.
~ managed to dodge (is that how you spell doge?) doing the webinar... boss man showed up and was able to do his thing. :D
~ really good gym at lunch... it's like I don't internalize it as an ass-kicking work out, unless it involves upper body work, but, in retrospect, I really worked it hard today with abs, legs and back.
~ went to my folks house for apple pie after dinner and Ed's karate class. :)
~ I could win the fraking Master Level bubble shooter. Geezus... everyone in this house has mastered it... Of course, everyone in this house seems willing to play it for HOURS at a time.

Dear Infrastructure Stimulus Dollars:
Enough with fucking up the roads already.
This "hurry up and spend all that money or you lose it" thing is about as stupid as a government March Madness buying frenzy.
Oh wait... the stimulus stuff is another government program.
stupid stupid stupid.

First you decide what's important to you.
You make sure you pay attention to anything that goes wrong with it,
And you never ever screw with it, without carefully considering the implications.

There... that pretty much sums up about 35% of everything I have to explain to my clients.
I just say all that stuff except relate it to configuration items, incident, change and release management. :)
la la la... weee... work. :)

When I count my lucky stars
I see reflected there,
In the light of each brilliant distant point
The precious, painfully beautiful
Image of you.
And come the night,
I count again.
And smile.

k... night. :D