September 26th, 2010


Sunday, September 26

kind of icky day.
cold, rain, wind... brrr.
Oh look... it's fall.

I grabbed an empty gift card at the Nike storeo when we were on our shopping extraveganza.
I couldn't resist.
Look at him... It's tiger, shaking his fists in frustration.
Now... what could he be frustrated about?

~ skinnies... no shorts this weekend... at all. :( brrr.
~ up early to go to Ed's orange belt test... he is seriously into this.
~ collecting geo... who had three friends sleep over friday night and slept over somewhere else on saturday night.
~ very calm day of job jar stuff and relaxing. :D
~ pork chops for dinner.
~ i can od on gym time this week!
~ and to send a good bit of squeeze to misskris.

this is going to be a seriously busy week... :(

K... I made a new video about
my deranged desire to skate. :)
It's short.
[ :: where does the drop go... :: ]

see ya. :D