September 22nd, 2010


Tuesday, September 21

~ and I know... it's wednesday already. :)
Fast times and long days. !!

It's like ... you're planning to do the impossible.
So you get ready.
Clothes... shoes... padding... music... helmet....
And you step into a video game.
A deadly dangerous game...
That you have to take seriously,
But an improbable, terrifying, surreal, exciting...
Balls on fire exciting fun... video game.
I am so digging that I'm able to find my way to these places. :D

~ skinnies, golf shirt, red shoes...
~ up early... and in consideration of the bourbon... gah!
~ long day of trying not to sleep in seminars, and drinking endless coffee...
~ outstanding dinner... fried green tomatoes, duck wantons, bison ribs... and a big salad.
~ and no skate park... :(
~ hotel room by 11:00... packing and taking care of my ankle. d'oh...
~ that my little Ed does great on his frech test tomorrow. :D

Social media is so completely not the playground of industry
It defies common sense to see so much effort being made by so many to tap in.
As if there is some ready flood of success waiting to be unlocked.
Utilizing micro blog structures does not count.
A corporate tweet alerting the sphere of an impending deal on sennheiser head phones...
Does not an invasion make.
Besides... that is very much business-to-consumer marketing.
Business-to-business is where the embarrassment of stupid starts
Blog farm content is bad enough, but thinking it has a place in whatever social media is working right now...
Just makes your brand ugly to the folks that are just... about... to take over the world.
Why on earth do you think that is a good idea?

It is with no small degree of self satisfaction
That I point out how my day executed itself without any headache or headache medication at all.
I was mighty angry at the alarm clock and it's a good thing i convinced the front desk to give me two wake up calls...
But I was no worse for wear today... and considering the bourbon buzz I had going on last night...
This is nothing short of remarkable.
Fortunately... I remain unimpressed with the experience.
So the bottle of 25 year old scotch in my cupboard at home will be lasting for the next decade.

ugly ankle syndrome.
kinda tomahawk'ed my ankle last night
... with my deck, in mid bail.
Tightened up my whole ankle.
Toe pointing, or pulling... the bookends of those movements are tight and sore.
I iced it last night... in some ritzy hotel bar staring at the unlikely contents of a fist sized glass.
The bartender was only too happy to provide ice in a bag.
He and the waitress were busy enjoying their mental images of me in a skate park.
Today I worked it...
Every seminar... constant movement.
It was a bit swollen and a lot bruised.
Was... is... whatever.
I just finished a couple of rounds of heat...
It's doing better.
I find I'm getting pretty good at accelerating injury recovery timeframes...
Thanks in the main to a ridiculous force of will.
I have a couple of hours to kill tomorrow... late in the afternoon... before my flight. :)

k... see ya soon. :D