September 15th, 2010


Wednesday, September 15

~ argyle wednesday.
~ sadly... I cut off my head. :)
(ps... waves to carorules)

Cold... (well, cool) but a nice day. :)

~ dark trousers, dark golf shirt and red argyle. :)
~ lol. personally, that picture makes me look fat or like the sweater is ill fitting. :( I'm not and it fits great. :D
~ longgggg day, but it didn't start downtown, so no dumb commute. :)
~ did a presentation today for some clients that really came off well. It would be some good work mojo to bring a contract in direct... :)
~ best part of day... goes here!
~ great gym time... talked to a trainer about a sore "quad"... wonders if I should write to Vaun... think I will. :D
~ went to Ed's school after work for an open-house thing... Ed plays with his friends, we talk to his teacher, chat with a neighbor or two and then ... home again.
~ made roasted potatoes, baked chicken fingers (not fried!), and broc for dinner... (was very yummi)
~ and the evening will be several moments of relaxation and pointless browsing. :D
~ long busy day.
~ that kitiara... has the patience she needs to get through kennel training. :D

eres tú mi amor ... siempre.

Best part of today?
Hands down... getting to visit a few people at my old work place.
Got to hug a 9 months pregnant chick... :D
Some people pretty much make my day just by being somewhere that I get to see 'em and say hi. :D

packing all my skate gear for the sunday night trip to Louisville, KY!!
I haven't been to a "convention" for ten years...
I find it almost difficult to conceive of a work trip that doesn't require me to stress out about meeting a clients expectations.

K... see ya.