August 12th, 2010


Thursday, August 12

Pretty much perfect weather all day.
And every weather service threatened thunderstorms and general rain.

~ my absolute most fav comfy shirt... ("syracuse")
~ just all about the busy.
~ another lower body gym lunch.
~ delivered a smile...
~ zoom home to help geo swap sim cards and turn my 3g into his new phone... no data plan... but unlimited text and wifi at home. :)
~ for geo's cough to keep getting better. :)

So... all that blah blah about the iphone 4 and the antena and whatever...
results in apple publishing this cool app (called "iphone 4 case").
When you run it, it verifies your phone model and then ...
presents you with a heady list of nice iphone cases.
Pick one and it's free. :)
I picked another "speck" (google speck iphone case and look for the argyle iphone case!!!! :D)

Big Brother...
LOL... somebody is going to break down the fence in the yard,
charge in...
and pin a medal on Britney. :)
oh and Brenden... stab stab stab.

... so we'll call him Steve.