August 10th, 2010


Tuesday, August 10

My zagg smart buds arrived today. :)
yeah!! :D

So a great - if muggy warm - day... all day... right up until I was leaving to take Ed to karate.
Then big rain.

~ ah yes... brown day... or is that burnt almond? lol.
~ stupid crazy day. When the boss is there... I somehow get busier by the second. It's only when he's away that I actually get caught up. :)
~ nice gym day... got to do lower body with fit_girl_jessy... lol... k, no matter how that sounds, you know what I mean. :D
~ take Ed to karate... and enjoy a triple shot short breve latte using a "free beverage" coupon while it rained...
~ fish for dinner... pulling weeds for dessert...
~ and now it's now... we're getting closer to the family Star Gate Atlantis (SGA) event...
~ I had a small bag of halloween style chocolate bars. Yup... that's exactly what i want right now... :)

The news is full of talk about some study that says girls are hitting puberty earlier than they have in the past.
It's now all about critically appraising young'ens for signs of the dreaded early boob.
And lots of talk about putting a stop to this.
No doubt they will come up with a drug to stop it puberty in it's tracks.
I weep for the soon-to-be plight of young girls.

A client in Winnipeg?
How cool would that be... !!
(the Forks Skakepark is in downtown 'peg). :)

Some people are soooo soft.
mmm, and I mean that in a nice way.

k... time to go.
See ya soon.