July 28th, 2010


Wednesday, July 28

Yeah, it rained at some point...
But I was head-down today. :)

~ oh I'm in shorts and that (looks up) tee...
~ but yeah, it was charcoal day... blue shirt, black shirt...
~ get up, pack up, eat up, clean up, and drive to work... then drive home again to get my phone. :(
~ aaaaaaaaaaaalmost finished part two of four. gah... so much to do.
~ no gym today... but I did meet Suz and the boys at Hockey Sushi for big sushi lunch day... ed and suz were kinda underwhelmed... too many weird things at once.
~ (still... it was a delicious lunch. :D)
~ visit my bro... get my sil's laptop... time to perform resident family geek duties. :) aka: brotherly love.
~ nice dinner... brown-sugar-ed-carrots, cauli, broc, mashed potatos (es?) and yummi chicken... just bbq sauce, small pieces and a skillet. :)
~ that I would get around to moving the wireless router from the basement to the main floor... I need more coverage. !!

When I first heard the story about the "wiki leaks" web site bursting all the bubbles in Western Allied Command (war in Afghanistan),
What with thousands of classified documents made public...
Revelations of friendly fire death coverups...
Rediculous battle plans, outcomes, and losses...
All I thought was... "I wonder how long before the US Gov is on TV telling us this web site was set up by the Taliban?"

The government does a lot of stupid stuff with our money...
So consider this next bit without getting sidetracked with ..."oh that would cost so much...." blah blah blah. Do one less stupid thing per year and this would be paid for...
The Next Bit:
When you have a baby, you should get subsidies amounting to "you don't have to work" for three years. Solid.
If after three years you just cannot stand it, and have to go back to work... then fine... your kid is in daycare for a year or two and maybe latchkey daycare as school settles in.
But at least you were - fortunate or forced... either way - THERE for the first three years.
And infants and tots would not be filling day care facilities.
I'm just say'en... nine months of maternity or paternity leave is not even close to good enough.
Look at all the things we can do in this country...
You'd think "take care of our own babies" would be a priority.

Sometimes you feel like a nut
Sometimes you don't
Almond joy's got nuts
Mounds don't.

oh... and Big Bro is on tonight. :D