July 27th, 2010


Tuesday, July 27

Hola. :)

If you look up a perfect weather day in the galactic encyclopedia
For sure it has a picture of today front and center.

Starcraft II came out today.
Ed had one copy on pre-order and it arrived in the mail box today.
He is more than a little into this. !! :)

~ brown and beige... red shoes...
~ typical monday... except it was tuesday... monday having been sacraficed at the gods'o'fun alter.
~ very very busy with florida client stuff...
~ great gym day...
~ Ed to karate, me to skatepark...
~ home to finish off - with bbq chicken - gobs of corn we bought roadside yesterday...
~ and a really nice walk with zee before settling into the evening vibe.
~ to point out that our cat... purrrcy... comes on our walks with us... zooming from bush to bush :)

Dr. Terror... er... i mean Dr. Oz is on about alzheimers. Out comes the brain samples. Geeze.

Best Questions and the Best Answers.
why are you helping me
because I can
why are you being nice to me
because you let me

These are the days of summer that I quietly anticipate. :)
The kids are on full-on holidays ... and everybody stays up way too late...
So I get to wake up and go about my morning business in an absolutely quiet house.
They all look so peaceful when I go from room to room giving 'em goodbye kisses as I zoom away to my work day.