July 23rd, 2010


Friday, July 23

Kind of a gray day... started out at 19 but it's all about muggy and ick now... getting hotter by the hour... into the night!! sigh.

Making plans to take Geo and friend to meet other friends at Calypso on monday (new giant water park... like an hours drive away).
So I'm going to take monday off and go with Suz and Ed too... :)
But I'm thinking I might need to go into work and make up some time... :(

~ very comfy clothes... (the syracus shirt is my fav "@home relaxing" shirt...)
~ trying to not fall behind in my project...
~ quick "ab friday" at the gym... and back to it...
~ drive up to one of the stupid-stores to try and snag a deal on an extra iphone charger and a power plug adapter for zee...
~ easy dinner
~ and a very relaxed friday night.
~ I could magically inject a week between now and tomorrow.... !

Oh look ... it's Friday.
Friday night.
The admiral.
Star Gate.

Time to go... :) see ya.