July 13th, 2010


Tuesday, July 13

Yeah... wake up with head ache.
Some granola last night ... may have resulted in a few pieces of cashew getting into the factory... temple? factory?
However... it could also (and more reasonably) be the pressure drop with the weather... it rained hard core last night... (and all day today).
So yeah... wake up with sore head... an advil in the morning made lunch a breeze...
(and honestly, I could have been near-death, and I still would have loved every second of lunch.)

~ dark trousers... again.
~ black tee... felt very cas... but had my blue summer shirt to keep bosses happy about "business casual" dress codes... :)
~ solid work day focused on my Florida clients...
~ no gym... but did go to sushi lunch with old co-works - making me smile so big - ... stunningly... I (me!!!) overate ... sushi. stunning that this is even possible...
~ good moment with a good friend...
~ home to collect Ed and take him to karate... go to cost-co, return wrong trousers (lol) and get new correct trousers... :)
~ get Ed, drop Geo off at Chapters so he can meet up with a friend (and then the two of them are off to see Alexisonfire at Blues Fest...
~ home to take more advil and make salmon for dinner (I know... sushi for lunch and salmon for dinner... sigh).
~ yeah. :) I'm feeling it today. Just say'en...

Some debate on the radio about suggestions of new legislation to account for what are considered to be legal shortcommings in the ownership and maintenance of a pool.
The recent - annual - spattering of swimming pool deaths has brought this issue into the limelight.
Just say'en...
New laws do not a safe life automagically make.
Unless we're willing to pay the costs associated with actually enforcing a new law... we should NOT make that law.
We're not even willing to pay the costs demanded by law enforcement to deal with the laws we have now...
And if we're going to spend a butt load of money on swimming pool safety...
I'd say spend it on education related issues... instead of making life for law enforcement a bigger pain in the ass.

Big Brother...
Once again the well waxed upper bodies of mind boggelingly well build young men
An ocean of silicon in a diverse group of young women...
And a couple of exceptional candidates for mad-show-crazyness (jewish foot doctor, zero-body-fat-bi-thexual-girl)
All appear to be well set to entertain.

My little Edward... can exhibits serious range
when it comes to moods.
We've noted, with some serious appreciation,
That his most outgoing, positive, self-assured moods
Consistently arrive immediately after a Karate class.
This says a lot about the people running that gig. :)

~ even on a headache day, I get to say "today has been a really great day".