July 12th, 2010


Monday, July 12

Outside, after dinner, running sprinklers and stuff...
But wicked weather this way comes. :) That cloud line, over my shoulder, was the leading edge.
I stood in my garage doorway, drinking the sensations of a thunder storm passing over.
Smell... sound... light... pressure changes... calm... chaos...
Was very nice. :)
I like the smell of angry rain.

~ my current like-em trousers... the light fabric, dark gray ones (hint of a linen look to 'em)
~ I get all "into it" with the pants thing, cuz I want another pair... I went to cost-co and ... bought the wrong kind... so I'm on a mission to retun those and find what I was looking for. !
~ oh and a light shirt. s'all about the 35 degree day out there muchachos ... y muchachas...
~ work... as early as i could manage... nice waking up in the sleeping monkey house. I just sorta go through my thing and split ... after distributing little forehead kisses. :)
~ gym o'rama time. Working the go-early-work-longer zone. Really fatiguing work out ... it was great.
~ work on a proposal for client number 2. (Henceforth to be known as The Galactic Power Co.)
~ home to ... wave to zee and she leaves for a class at the gym (body pump), make dinner and eat it with the kids in the theater room watching SGA (bwaahahahaha). :D
~ raking... cleaning of el'stinc'monster (green bin)... snaking the walk-in-shower-drain (omg!)... etc.
~ then the storm came... :)
~ I find it again... 'cuz I'm not feeling it. :(

Dear Starbucks:
PLEASE get with it... you've been out of lemonade the last three times!!!
Note: after a work out... a passion tea lemonade, shaken over ice... is wicked wicked good.

K, so I know to the untrained eye
the volume of "this part of me is damaged" "that part is twisted", etc, etc, etc....
must seem excessive. :)
At issue is my entire mental capacity to survive.
I get mental if something is hurt... and I can't remember hurting it.
things that just start to hurt... all by themselves... scare the crap out of me.
Remember the shingles scare? I had no freaking clue why that was happening.
But... if I can look back in my journal... and see a record of an event... a crash, skate bail, or whatever...
Well then I'm good to go. I know why it's wrong and I can soldier on. :)
so this is why I keep putting in the bits about what is hurt, where, when and whiny... :)

Glimpses of a coworker, boss or employee when they are themselves and not ... their working selves...
when they are at play...
can go a long way towards building better work-relationships.
hence the reason I like things like social networking (aka: facebook, or LJ, or whatever)
The argument against this... the integrity of the arms-length-business-relationship...
Is an argument about the way things might have at one time been...
But the old rules to apply any more.
Stop using them as excuses.


k... see ya. :)