July 9th, 2010


Friday, July 9

And the rain finally arrives.
Lots and lots of rain.

~ oh man... shorts a tee and an ice pack on my knee.
~ (it's better... very good sign. I'll explain... elsewhere)
~ up early today ... hotel sleep... hotel rooms are stupid. You typically can't open the window and you have to rely on the air exchanger / air conditioner... and I always wake up freeeeeezing my ass off.
~ presentations all day long... another shi-shi-poo-poo box lunch thing (fancy lunch in a box... pretty good, but... honestly, I would rather have a big ol'NORMAL sammich... but whatever...)
~ train station in a 10 minute walk from the hotel... on train at 5:15 and in my house at 7:50. I seriously like the train thing...
~ getting ready to watch Big Brother. :)
~ hmmm... that I smile my way through this weekend. It's been a long and hard week... I need this. :)

Something a friend was saying last night....
... as he observed the style and bearing of the women we were seeing in montreal.
"Pride in ownership... making 7's out of 5's since time began."
... seeing a somewhat homely girl,
"Pride in ownership... making 4's out of 2's since time began..."
And you know...
He's got a really significant point.
Pride in ownership is a pretty big part of what makes good great.

Despite any appearances to the contrary,
I find it difficult to socialize with people...
Men moreso than women.
That doesn't mean I don't do it...
I just find it hard sometimes.

Hey... I had a drink last night.
I had a 12 year old scotch.
Just one...
and no ill head-ache related results today.
This is good.