July 8th, 2010


Thursday, July 8

Another week... another hotel room.

I'm lost in the bowels of Montreal.
Having discovered the great facility of taking a train to Montreal...
(there's even a little tiny story book style train station in a edge-of-suburbia zone between my house and the actual ottawa train station!... so, score! :D)

I'm in meetings all day today and tomorrow (actually doing presentations tomorrow) with a room filled with the Closer's from the galactic core and all the overlord outposts... and I mean like, dude flew in from India for these meetings...
Interestingly... the only woman is the woman I worked for years and years ago, who convinced me to come work here...

Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong day.

ps. my back is doing great.

~ spent the day in semi nice stuff... but I'm in jeans and planning on getting out of these and into a bed as soon as possible!!!
~ up at 4:30... train station by 6
~ montreal by 8:30 and ... now it's now... 5:46 pm and the next stop in a big team dinner somewhere called 'the hammer', 'cept it's the french equivelant.
~ and I had a florida client teleconference interview at 10 this morning...
~ I am sooooo planning to be in bed and snoozing by 11... !!
~ I can manage my game face tomorrow..

When you consider the sheer number of software engineers in India, ready, willing and capable of being awesome, for soooo little money...
It's a wonder a software engineer anywhere in north america can make a living.

I'm here...

I'm actually in a really nice hotel... that you cannot see in that picture.
This is a vacant lot across from the hotel. :)
My room has a 12 foot ceiling and a kitchen... lol
One night... and I will do nothing with the kitchen...

I am going to have to make some adjustments in the universe, so I can actually start going to bed a little earlier...
I will be very curious to get the sleep-clinic feedback on how much oxygen I actually get when I sleep...
and to see how my daytime drowsyness is impacted by (If I am asked to wear one) using a CPAP!

K... time to go. :)
See ya.

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True story...
I do not know about trains.
I arrived at the little station the train to montreal "starts" at...
The doors to all the cars (two First Class and two or three more regular cars) open and they put the little ladders out.
I look up ... then down... and decide I want to get on the one closer to the front... so the one just before the first class cars.
I wander down the isle...
Decide between right and left sides based on what I think the view will be like...
I sit... change my mind and move up one to get a better window.
I settle in and the train takes off.
We pull into the Ottawa station and the big line of people files onto the train.
And people are all ... checking their tickets and talking about seat assignments...
I had been treating it like a bus... you know... just pick a seat and sit.
Worried I'll be kicked out of my seat, I scramble for my ticket...
Gah!!! it has a seat assignment... Car 3, Row 6, Seat D.
I was ON car 3, and IN seat 6D.
Oh... and the machine in the parking lot at the train station, the machine that gives you your parking stubb...
I pushed the "ENGLISH" button... and got ready to swipe my credit card.
The machine pushed a 20$ bill back out the insert-money-here slot.