July 7th, 2010


Wednesday, July 7

So yesterday... when Zee and I were on our walk...
I had a moment of ouch, right out of the blue, in the middle of one side of my back.
Just a strong twinge... out of nothing. Just... walking!
So I squish it with a tennis ball, and heat it up for the rest of the evening.
Today... totally uncomfortable. I went to the gym, and worked upper body with the result that my back hurt less...
Most easily identifiable symptom... A deep breath twinges at the end of the breath.

At the end of my work day, I zoomed to the massage theropy office located - conveniently - in the same mini mall as our offices.
I get a 7:00 pm appointment.

Now here's the weird part.
What dude explained seemed unbelievable, but he worked it and I was able to deep breath by the time he was done.
So he said I had popped a rib out (aka: a rib was off kilter held that way from tight muscles.)
He moved it back into place and (again, I say "he said", I don't know what to think) said it kept being pushed out by the over tight muscles.
Then came the deep tissue massage to loosen the zone.
There was some really serious pain as he pushed through the muscles around the spot I would call "ground zero".
I could deep breath by the time he was done... but I'm under orders to keep it heated up all evening.
We'll see how it feels tomorrow. :)

~ a hot pack on my back... :)
~ again with the visiting big wigs from the galactic core...
~ working on two client projects... super busy...
~ excellent gym...
~ go see a burly ukranian who made me yell and moan...
~ relax with family ... and eventually ... pack. :)
~ to send a few very big welcome vibes to little Hannah. A friend from the other job just became a dad. :)

My client in florida... he's Spanish... nornther spain.
He is one happy spaniard right now... lemmi tell ya. :)
(Go Spain!)

Tomorrow is a promise made
and yesterday, a promise broken
but today! Today... we dance.

k... :) see ya.