July 4th, 2010


Sunday, July 4

So a four day weekend ... and the weather was great every single day. :)
I mean it tried to be nasty ... but it failed.

A very happy July 4 to all you cafe americano's. :)

~ a bit of an exhausted stare...
~ up at 8:30... really kinda wanted to be up... but honestly, had no choice. My body wanted up and my head had very little say in the matter.
~ install new mirror on car...
~ that the summer would slow down... !

Have you ever noticed how you start to want education...
You just realize youre missing it and you are overcome with a need to more education...
I mean there is always new ways of getting an education.
And you can learn and learn and learn... but there's always more ... new ways... new things to learn.
Creative ways of educating... modern methods... new fangled tools and apparatus...
A nearly constant call ... now... how 'bout now... oh and have you heard about ... now... and now.
So much learning... so much education...
Education? Oh, no... wait, I meant sex.

You know that look people get ...
when you're explaining some geeky thing about their computer to them...
Like you had just said "We'll have to widen the flangie and close down the mong'icular."
You know they'll do exactly what you tell them... to the letter. But it's like japanese guys singing beetle songs.
Well that's me with car stuff. :)
So today, I took the door panel off, removed the remains of my old passenger motorized mirror,
and installed the new one... Moving the pins for one of the speakers from the old plug to the new plug...
was the hardest part. :D
But it's all good to go now. :)

Geo and I brought four 8x4 sheets of masonite home from home depot yesterday. :)
Very quick and easy repair... (Mr. Ramptastic... :D)

Time to start get my brain around "this week".
This will be a seriously busy week.