June 9th, 2010


Wednesday, June 9

So actually didn't realize that this little mini computer thing had a built in webcam.

So last night I got in my pj pants and headed over the hospital at 9:00.
They had me (and seven other people) suited up in a zillion electrodes, tubes up my nose, and straps around my chest.
LOL ... very bizarre.
Each of us is in a small room with a bed...
I watched a tv show on my iPhone... then went to sleep at 11:00.
I slept through till 4:00 AM and tossed around till 5:309 when they ended it all and de-electroded me... :)
great big blobs of waxy goop all over my head...
now I have to wait three weeks for feedback.

~ yeah... avoiding the ties...
~ but I did stick with argyle wednesdays... the hr girl was in argyle too. :)
~ working on documents and research for the clients in Florida... next week...
~ the gym for lunch... where I somehow managed to hurt my lower back... see below.
~ home to make a great dinner... chicken pot pies, salmon, broccoli and... I heated up a couple of mechelina frozen dinners for the chicken/pasta side dish. :)
~ that I haven't hurt anything in my back that I can't fix ... post haste.

yeah... so I want to own a 13 inch mac powerbook pro...
However I cannot possibly afford that kind of luxury. :)
But I need a laptop I can use that is small yet still viable.
Enter the netbook.
I go to Futureshop and find this gateway on sale, from 359 to 299 and I get an open box version (was opened for the display ... that's it... they just "opened it to put it on the display" - not even powered on... lol) and they brought it down to 245. So I have a 29 days to decide if I like it. So we'll see. I'll use this on my adventure next week and see how it performs. :)

So my back...
I was doing exactly the same stuff at lunch today that I've been doing all year...
Yet my back is freaking killing me. Lower back...
Differences? I didn't get a major sweaty warm up on before strength training...
And? The big difference? I'm going to blame the bed in the hospital from last night.
So I'm taking it very easy tonight and see if I can wake up with some better vibes...

yeah... I'm really starting to feel like I made the best choice
(with work stuff).
things are getting exciting. :)

K... I'm getting an early-to-bed thing tonight.
See ya tomorrow.