May 30th, 2010


Sunday, May 30

~ I just kinda felt like today would be a good day to use my "me and nbbmom" icon... :D

Yesterday was a great day. :)
Woke up to make a grocery list and head out with Geo for a geo-hair-cut and perimeter SLASH school-lunch shopping extraveganza.
~ played a bunch on the ramp too...

Suz and I made a major part of the day cleaning stuff... :)
and then, after dinner, my friend from work, Jessy and her partner, (marc, also from work) came over play cards.
I now know how to play canasta. Lots of rules in that game... :D
Was so much fun to spend time like that.
Seeing suz have a good time just makes me feel so good about bringing friendships ...home.


~ a bit of a smile, yo. :)
~ up early'ish (for a sunday) with Ed and Suz to go to Eds belt test.
~ wave to Geo as he drives away with Suz on his way to a piercing studio... (yes, really)
~ go to the gym with Suz in the afternoon...
~ work on a steller dinner... not sure what it will be yet... :)
~ k... I'm feeling a good vibe for my only really heartfelt wish...
~ so, I'm wishing... for this to be true. :)

Edward went for his next belt test this morning. :)

~ he was tagged to join this "team" of kids that have
deomonstrated aptitude, confidence and leadership.
It means more classes and more money, so you can see
the business-side of the "team"... but for sure, he is much
enthused by all this... and black kipa that he'll get to wear. :)

This is what happens when I'm not looking at the people I'm taking pictures of...

~ and this is what I do to reward people for making faces in pictures. :D

So tomorrow is my "big holiday" between employment contracts. :)
I gave myself ... one day. lol.
If the weather holds... I will fill it with skateboarding, the gym, starbucks and good food.
Tuesday... is day one.