May 28th, 2010


Friday, May 28

Alrighty... another fine day that was supposed to be all about the rain.
No rain. :)

Ed had a "full day field trip" to Carleton U for an indoor and outdoor sports event (including his first exp. with high-tower-diving-platforms at an olympic sized pool).
Suz was there as a parent-volunteer.
Suffice to say, she's alseep on the sofa as of 9...
Long day, but a great day for them.
ps. Ed scored a "last five seconds" game winning basket in the tournement b-ball game... seriously good moment. :D

My day was all about not being silly with wet eyes and many many hugs.

~ s'all about the jeans...
~ my last day... not all that productive, work wise. :)
~ kinda dorky with lots of little wet eye moments. :(
~ really nice lunch hour... went to bayshore (shopping center) with my two favorite women at work and played "guy with all the opinions" while they shopped for nice-clothes-for-work. :D
~ it was fun with the clothes and all but mostly it was just an excuse to spend a bunch of interactive time with Jess and Bianca on my last day. :)
~ tried to have a short afternoon... ended up there till close to 4:30.
~ It really was so flipp'en nice to soak in so many positive vibes from ... well, from anywhere, ever... let alone a workplace. :)
~ met with ex-boss-man-guy-formerly-co-worker-dude from the old-galactic-core... to hand over my laptop and key-cards... (dramatic music was playing in my head the whole time).
~ and finally home. Pizza and LAWN CUTTING. (see below)
~ to never let go... ever. (and I plan of living a very long time... so... that's a long "ever")

A billion canadian taxpayer dollars for the security at the G8? I think that's what the radio said.
And the only message that will penetrate the popular psychi... will be the one the protestors carry.
The decisions and positions spawned by the super-special-sharp-dressed-boys... will be total BS and nothing they couldn't have done in a conference call.
Old rules guys... old rules.

Tractor Resolution: not the battery, not the spark plug, not the solenoid, not the starter motor, not the fuse... However, it was a faulty dead-man switch under the seat the cuts the engine if you fall off. (temporarily by-pass, tyvm) GRRRRRR!
But thanks to a local small-engine mechanic who has been back and forth five times, taking shit apart, putting it back together and researching parts and prices... all the while never recording time or effort on any kind of bill.
I'll be grossly overpaying him for the part when it comes in.

Today was the last day of my employement with the company that has written my pay cheques for the last 10 years.
It's really one of those lines-in-life days...
There will always be the time before... and the time after... today.