May 26th, 2010


Wednesday, May 26

Today was a good day. :)
Today was also a seriously hot day.
We're talking 42 (or at least "it felt like 42"... I think the thermometer read 34 but the weather-idiots use this "humidex" measure to tell us hot it feels... versus how hot it actually is.

Mother nature has been steeling herself towards a serious showdown.
It got so dark... but still no big rain. Lots of lightening... but no storm over us. (so far).
Suz and I went for a walk around 8:00 and we were hot-foot'en it on the way back... sure we were going to get rained on...
But nothing. :(
I mean... if it's going to rain... get on with it. :)

~ yeah... what was I thinking?
~ dark trousers... white "playstation" tee... blue argyle SWEATER.
~ now... in my defense... the office is very air-conditioned and my desk is right under a big vent...
~ yes... I spent the afternoon in a tee shirt ... :)
~ many meeting day... pretty much back to back all day...
~ except at 11:00 when I took off to the gym. (excellent workout today... two complete upper body circuits)
~ we get a giant thunder and lightening storm tonight... :)

Big giant heads, all full of their big education and lettered names...
Will tell you that there are vast and immeasurable benefits to holding summits like the G8 and the G20.
I don't agree.
And I believe the problem is, once again, that whole "old rules don't apply" thing.
How can you pull 20 heads-of-finance from around the world together...
keep them safe...
treat them like kings...
And justify their expensive asses sitting around talking about how governments can cut back and save money?
News Flash: Hold the meeting ON A PHONE... we'll save millions.
But seriously... these summits are part of an outdated model of exercising governance.
People used to be impressed by these guys...
And they used to make decisions that provided guidance to lesser nations.
They sit around moaning about shitty planetary economics...
They're fighting off protestors...
Managing horrible public opinions...
And cutting meaningless sound bites.

So something about how a woman's feet can (will) grow a half or full size during pregnancy.
This isn't cumulative is it?
I mean... if she has a bunch of kids... does she end up with big flipper feet?

I dropped by the office of an executive at my client site to say "see ya"...
And she went into great detail about how she wants to hire me back next spring if I have time...
outlined plans... made me feel awesome with compliments about my work...
... and totally made me feel confident that I have a solid back-up plan.
This is good.

~ :)
k... see ya soon.