May 25th, 2010


Tuesday, May 25

Okidoki... way hotter than it normally would be in late May.
We were at 32+ today. Mighty hot stuff.
Of course... I spent the day in a lovely temperature controlled office. :D

~ yeah... went to town with the monday outfit... all tie'd up. :)
~ and yes, I realize it's tuesday. Cats mating with dogs, frogs falling from the sky ...
~ dividing my time in four directions... one to get some folks together at work to sort out a problem... one to get a report finished... and another to visit remote'ish co-works and say "see ya". :D
~ :)
~ gym... cool gym time. I finished cardio and was working upper body when two trainer dudes who were between clients, came over to spend ten minutes getting me to change my posture and method of doing these kick-backs... just because... :)
~ home to make this crappy salmon for dinner that was s'posed to be yummi... (taking it back to cost-co this weekend)
~ get a housecall from a very local small-engine mechanic ... who is now busy solving all my tractor'ish problems... :D
~ with all of my heart... that I can hold onto the bonds that I have come to depend on. :)

It is beyond pathetic that the red cross still has a lifetime ban on gay men donating blood.

Ok... so i know this is going to sound goofy.
(that was... kinda like a warning)
In the fullness of my fourty eight years...
I have never ... ever... worn a sleevless shirt...
aka a muscle shirt. :)
but see... I can't walk around the gym holding my left sleeve up.
That just looks stupid. :)
So..... I got a new gym shirt... sans sleeves.
The experience was definably novel.
No matter how I play it, I always feel very little. :)
(let alone when i'm around the hulk-o-maniacs at the gym)

Seriously now...
This week...
Finishing with this client
and saying "see ya" to co-works...
Is going to test me.

K... see ya