May 24th, 2010


Monday, May 24

What a great long weekend!!!
dinner at my folks last night... followed by a metric tonne of LOST.
I'll have to read some scholarly 'pedia entry somewhere to find out what the hell all that actually was supposed to mean... but never-the-less... I enjoyed the end immensly. I think the whole idea of all the lost partners coming back together was touching. Now... it would have been stellar if they shot a scene of Bob Newhart sitting up in bed, from a deep sleep, beside Suzanne Plachette and... she say's "Honey? Have you been dreaming again?". ar ar ar...

I slept in on Sunday... like, 10:30 sleep-in... I never do that ... well - apparently I do - but you know what I mean. :)

Saturday was mad consumerism... and lots of yard work.
Oh and I finally fixed (job-jar goodness) the lights at the rocks (lights at the head of our driveway).
Now we really need to get some large iron numbers to hook on the rocks!!

~ third change of clothes... it's hot and I've been getting plenty of outside hot time. :)
~ up early and to Legacy skate park with Geo for the morning. Dropped-in on our half pipe six times before we left... alas... ear wax.
~ home to tackle another job-jar task... changing the moen cartidge in the kids shower faucet and resealing the tub spiggot, etc.
~ that I hurry up and get over this mental road block at the park. !!! sigh. :)
~ to congratulate E & B on running their race! (I would have said "B & E" but it sounded like a crime spree)

My mantra these days has been "The old rules no longer apply... Stop using them as excuses."
I've been applying this at work... which is all well and good, but ultimately boring from a "hey, you know what?" kinda vibe...
However... lets look at it from some other perspectives!!

For instance... Music.
For a decade we have been listening to old money, yelling and moaning about the death of the music industry through piracy, electronic media and... those darn kids, etc.
Frankly... I'm sick of it.
There is nothing wrong with the music industry. In fact... I defy anyone to conceive of a circumstance under which music... something that is such an integral part of being human... will ever actually be threatened. The only problem is that old rules, created by old men, with older money are being used as yard sticks in a new world order.
They simply no longer apply.
There will always be music. There will always be people who create and perform music.
It will always be recorded and the world will always try to share it.
It just is not happening in a way that conforms to the "old rules".
I'm sorry Sony, MGM, BMG... you can continue to censure my youtube videos, but all you are doing is removing immeasurably valuable - yet free - marketing from a new world order and only, really, hurting yourselves.

What about privacy?
Listened to any geek talk pod casts about the new Facebook TOS?
Privacy issues got you down? Worried about your online persona?
Gosh ... what if my boss sees my post about getting hammered at the party?
Sorry but... you've all got nothing.
Nothing but a short life line on a dying construct and people? It's time to let go and look for another rope to hold on to.
All the twists and turns and actual freak-outs going on about privacy are almost universally based in old rules trying to work in a new world order.
Old perceptions about privacy and perceived threats to it are driving people to distraction.
Er... drving the generations of people for whom these old rules still seem to reign supreme.
There are others... those that are coming after you... who think you are freaking bat shit crazy.
If you are an employer that would read some prospective employees facebook page to gather intel on this person and then judge this person based on that experience...
Then you truly suck... and you are - btw - old and feeble or young and stupid.
A savy human capitalist - at the very least - has to work with this new world order ... not struggle against it.
Privacy in the NWO is more like a right-of-way... something you yeild... and not so much something you take.
And there-in lay the foundations for respect and dignity among the masses in the NWO.
Not by caging the elephant.

Bottom Line: I remember when calculators were confiscated by highschool teachers, you parents were called and they were allowed to recover it from the office...

~ me, standing over a drop... not getting myself to drop-in. :(
ah well... the summer is young and I'm doing dozens of these at home on our ramp...
I just need ... to suck it up and drop. Maybe next weekend. :)

Apparently I "cuddle" my iphone as I sleep.
So says my darl'en zee... the intrepid sofa sleep cam picture taker. :)

See ya.