May 17th, 2010


Monday, May 17

And thus begins six theoretical days of glorious sunshine and warm weather.
Totally didn't cover the ramp last night. :D

Am sooo sore (right hip bone... connected to the... sigh)
but that'll get better. :)

~ you know... I didn't wear the monday shirt'n'tie.
~ I wore my apparentl'y-looks-like-a-safari shirt with a black tee...
~ just focused on editing a last-gasp-document...
~ story time...
~ gym...
~ zoom to a small engine shop and buy a four poled solenoid...
~ that the tractor just started when I put the new solenoid (can you tell I like typing "solenoid"?) in... alas (earwax)... no such small engine luck!! :(

Am pissed off that Flashforward got axed!!!!!!!

So co-works and I got to talking about Robee Munch's news item about being a drug crazed author (can you spell big-surprise?).
This led to a conversation about the evil and somewhat creepy Munch story "Love You Forever".
(seriously... sweet geezus....)
I then remembered... I had "Socks For Supper" in my backpack... one of my galactic-core co-works looks just like one of the guys in "socks...".
So I asked... "Anybody wanna do 'story time'?"
We snagged the key to an office, grabbed coffee and sat around a little meeting table in a quiet office...
... and I read "Socks for Supper" aloud.
~ then we all went back to work...

I can't really think of anything that could follow "//" above...

~ see ya

(no subject)

... and because my brain goes on vacation,
I did not even a little bit see all the signs...
all weekend long...
... and now? I'm slipping into full migraine land. :(

~ just took a 10 mg Maxalt RPD wafer (rizatriptan). First time using this med...

(fingers crossed)